Oregon Chai Will Be My New Soothing Escape

I love drinking some tea and it has been a staple for me for a really long time. Tea is a nice little escape for me during the day. It is the only thing that I drink throughout the day, besides some juice and some milk every once in a while. I drink tea all through the work day and I look forward to my cup of tea in the mornings.

I have been experimenting more with tea over the years and figuring out which flavors work best for me and which ones I really like. There rarely is a tea that I don’t like, I like all kinds of flavors, from dark tea to herbal tea. I like to drink my tea strong and I love the pure and natural taste on it. I love drinking the tea plain.

The Oregon chai that I got will be the perfect escape for me and I can’t wait to see what it tastes like and to enjoy it day in and day out. I got the chai online and it is honey black tea with spices. It will add some flavor and a kick to my usual cup of tea. I can’t wait to have some soothing evenings on my balcony with the tea and some energizing mornings with it at work.