Major Health Benefits of Grass Fed Jerky

Everyone desires a perfect and healthy snack if they have a busy life or going out for a picnic or any other outdoor activities. Have you tried Jerky, which is very nutritious and has loads of protein that benefits you especially after a gym workout? Jerky has many delicious flavors and is tasty. They are a good treat for your family as a snack and great for those who are into paleo meals. Today we take a look at the grass fed jerky.

The grass fed jerky is the meat from cows that eat grass only and raised without antibiotics and added hormones. It’s healthy, nutritious and more sustainable. It is a perfect option for a smart snack to satisfy your hunger on a busy day by providing enough energy to keep you going. It’s low in calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium. The high protein will also help fight your craving.

It contains healthy omega3 fats too which are a plus benefit, antioxidants at a high level, and vitamin A and E. Thus, the grass fed jerky is right for you for its high quality and is healthy. You can choose from the various grass-fed jerky flavors, according to your taste. At Mo’s Coffee and More we ensure, we provide only high quality, healthier and tasty grass fed jerky.