Is It Safe to take Herbal Sleepy time Tea in Pregnancy? All You Need to Know

Not all teas are recommended for pregnant mothers. Some cause harmful effects at this stage of a woman. Therefore, only a few brands of tea among Sleep time teas are suggested for nursing mothers. Drinks, which contain caffeine, are strictly denied for expectant mothers. Nonetheless, green herbal sleepy time tea is useful to health because it has a high level of antioxidants. Pregnant mothers are advised to reduce or eliminate high levels of caffeine.

Hirota gives a reason to this restriction. He says that caffeine highly intoxicates in any of its forms. He adds that caffeine accumulates the load on the liver. This causes issues for the liver is focused on the hormonal processes. Overall, giving it up for nine months might not be easy for the majority of expectant mothers. Most importantly, caffeine gets in contact with the baby by crossing over the placenta. Babies are not able to metabolize caffeine as compared to adults.

Safe herbal sleepy time tea for expectant moms probably lack medicinal components that may be dangerous to babies or mothers. Confirm from your midwife in case any inquiries pertaining a specific drink. Selected safer beverages for expecting women include teas such as Ginger and Red Raspberry Leaf teas.